As FuturePay (FPI) is dedicated to protecting both our Shoppers and Merchants, we’ve created a streamlined dispute process in the unlikely event that a customer has a concern with their purchase.


Process and Policy

FPI has classified numerous variations of purchase specific disputes that a Shopper can file for purchases made using their FuturePay account. FPI’s objective is to treat both Shoppers and Merchants fairly in the dispute process. FPI will support Merchant’s refund and return policy guidelines as closely as possible based on the information provided on Merchant’s website.

Merchant must be familiar with our Acceptable Use Policy as any dispute found to be related to a violation will be immediately resolved in the customer favor –


Disputes and resolution

In most cases, a dispute is best handled when the Merchant and Shopper work together to resolve the concern; however, a Shopper may choose to open a dispute directly with FPI. The Shopper will be required to submit the following information:

  • FuturePay account information (name and account number).
  • Dollar amount in dispute.
  • Description of problem.

FPI will notify the Merchant contact designated in the Merchant account and Merchant should be prepared to provide the following documentation to assist FPI with the resolution of disputed transactions.  Delivery of this information is time sensitive and must be provided to FPI within 10 business days of notification to the Merchant of the dispute


Dispute Category Documentation required
A. Overcharged
  • Documented proof of the product price as advertised at the time of transaction
  • Itemized invoice including shipping/taxes/discounts
B. Billed more than once for the same transaction
  • Screenshot of platform order admin to show the number of times the item was billed to FuturePay
C. Item not received
  • Tracking information showing that the item had been shipped and delivered to the shipping address specified by the Shopper
  • Screenshot of customer shipping address
  • Proof of formal claim filed with shipping provider
D. Charged for an item that was already returned
  • Tracking information showing that the item had been shipped and delivered
  • Screenshots showing communication with customer regarding the decision to deny refund, if applicable
  • Any supporting evidence based on refund policy
E. Unrecognized Charge
  • Evidence showing customer billing/shipping details, including IP address
  • Itemized invoice
F. Paid for by another payment method
  • Screenshot from platform order admin and processing statement(s) showing how the item was funded by the customer
G. Defective or damaged goods
  • Proof that the item ordered was in working order
H. Merchandise not as described
  • Proof that the item shipped was the same as the item ordered
  • Proof of item authenticity, if applicable
I. Other – requires detailed description
  • Documentation will be requested based on description




If FPI does not receive the required documentation to resolve the dispute within the 10 business-day time frame, the dispute will be resolved in the Shopper’s favor and a fee will be applied to Merchant’s account. Once a dispute has been resolved in the Shopper’s favor, this decision is irreversible, so it is important that FPI and Merchant work together to acquire the necessary documentation prior to resolving the dispute in the customer’s favor.

Upon receipt of a verbal or written dispute, FPI Shopper Support Team will send an email notification to the main “Contact” in the merchant account including a description of the dispute.It is the responsibility of the Merchant to maintain accurate and current contact information in their FuturePay account.

Correspondence regarding an open dispute, including supporting documentation and response, must be emailed to support@localhost and disputes@localhost

Once a Shopper begins the dispute process, we will place a hold on the disputed amount until the dispute is resolved.