Black Friday Stats to Kick Off the Holiday Season

 4 minute read   Thanksgiving – a time filled with food, family, and shopping! For retailers, Thanksgiving marks the start of the busiest selling season of the year. After months of prepping and planning, the big day is finally
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How Customer Financing Impacts Ecommerce Sales

  Whether you refer to it as customer financing, flexible financing, flexible payment plans, buy now pay later or instalment plans, allowing customers to pay for products over a period of time has become prevalent in online shopping. With 93%
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Why You Need to Offer an Online Financing Option

3 minute read Providing shoppers with an instant financing option is a great way to help increase sales, boost customer loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases. Considering that 93% of first-time users of online customer financing say they would use
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Big Business Mindset: How Small Retailers Can Act Big

5 minute read   Most small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) aspire to one day become a large company. But becoming an enterprise-level company today isn’t the same as it once was. Advancements in technology have made it possible for smaller
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Mobile-First Indexing: How Mobile SEO is Changing

5 minute read   In 2015 Google released a massive change to their ranking algorithm which gave a boost to mobile-friendly content. The change was so big people started referring to the date it rolled out as the ‘mobilepocalypse’
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